How PAMAfrica decided to take on Africa’s decade-old problem of electricity by Dr. Patrick Agese.

Renewable energy prodigy
Solar panel installation by PAMAfrica

Big dreams for a big problem

PAMAfrica’s mission is simple: improve lives by providing access to clean, reliable and affordable power. This mission will also support the continent’s achievement of SDG13, and reduce greenhouse gases emissions. The company is working with private entities in the commercial hub of Lagos to migrate to solar power, and thus save operations costs in the long term when it comes to petrol/diesel procurement. The organization is also seeking partnerships with local authorities to develop a state of the art mini-grid in various locations across Africa, with a focus on rural communities. “When you look at the numbers, the biggest need for electricity is in the rural areas, which is often marginalized in power projects.” Dr.Agese says “these areas tend to be dependent on agriculture as a means to livelihood, so access to electricity will mean better storage for products, reduced waste, and more opportunities for income.” In the medium term, PAMAfrica plans to domesticate the production of solar equipment, in order to lower costs and also create jobs. PAMAfrica plans to build, own and operate large-scale, long-life energy assets that deliver fair returns for investors, and high value for African communities



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PAM Africa

PAM Africa


Improving the lives of Africans by providing quality energy access