5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Batteries

By Princess Wilson

PAM Africa
3 min readNov 15, 2021

Across the world, people are constantly paying huge sums to access power. The case is more complicated in Africa as paying your electricity bill doesn’t guarantee 24/7 access to power in most countries.

Thus, it is no surprise that people are now seeking renewable energy to provide an endless supply of electricity. However, people tend to overlook the immense benefits a solar battery can provide to their solar power systems.

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Also known as inverters, solar batteries are battery banks charged with energy from solar panels, which can be stored and utilised for later use. Combining your solar panels with these batteries creates a hybrid solar system that has numerous benefits.

While the price tag might be discouraging, here are the top 5 reasons why you should invest in solar batteries:

They Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

While solar batteries can effectively generate electrical energy just like generators, they stand out because they produce clean energy. In other words, solar batteries do not pollute the environment when producing energy.

They do not produce harmful emissions or by-products that could harm the environment. Installing solar batteries significantly reduces your carbon footprint and creates less pollution than fossil fuels.

Solar Batteries Help Save Money

As the cost of power continues to rise, particularly in countries like Nigeria, where the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) just approved the increase in meter prices, solar batteries are a great way to cut costs.

However, it is essential to note that these batteries are best considered as a long-term investment since the cost of purchase and installation can be pricey. Nevertheless, they still help you save more in the long run compared to the inconsistent and expensive rates of the grid.

They store Excess Energy

There is no doubt that solar power systems produce a significant amount of energy, making them a better alternative to non-renewable energy sources.

Unfortunately, they do not store the excess energy they generate, and they are sent back to the grid. However, solar batteries store energy, providing power throughout the day and at night.

Energy Independence

If you live in an area that experiences frequent blackouts, a solar battery ensures you always have power. They are particularly important since solar panels stop producing electricity when the power goes out.

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However, with a battery, the solar panels can continue supplying power and charging the battery regardless of a power outage.

No Noise Pollution

Unlike generators, solar battery storage does not create any noise pollution that may upset or discomfort you and your neighbours.

As solar panels continue to charge the batteries, you can enjoy instant, reliable electricity without dealing with the noise as well as the cost of fuelling a generator.


Solar batteries are rapidly becoming just as common as solar panels in homes and offices. As technology continues to evolve, these batteries will improve accordingly. If you’re considering lowering your carbon footprint and saving more on electricity, then battery storage is for you.

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